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Province of Djizak

The Province of Djizzak lies in the central part of Uzbekistan. The total area of the Province is 20,500 square kilometers. The climate is typically continental, with dry, hot summers and mild winters. The population is 910,500 people and the average density is 108 people per square kilometer.

The Province is divided into 11 admin-istrative districts with Djizzak as its administrative center. This town has 127,200 inhabitants. Other main towns are Gagarin, Gally-aaral, Pakhtakor, Dustlik and Mardjanbulak.

34 joint ventures have been established in the Province. The total value of their production totaled 159,9 million Sums in 1997.

The Provinces economy is base on agriculture. Most importantly cotton and cereal. There are tens of thousands of hectares of virgin soil, which have been researched for agricultural purposes. This land has an adequate irrigation infra-structure, which was created in the past few years.

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