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Province of Kashkadarya


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The Province of Kashkadarya is situated in the basin of the Kashkadarya River on the western slopes of the Pamir Alay Mountains. Located in the South Eastern region of Uzbekistan, between the Province of Samarkand and Djizak.

The total area of the Province is 28,400 square kilometers. The climate is typically continental, arid and partly subtropical.

The province has a population 2,029,000 with more than 73% living in rural areas.

Kashkadarya is divided into 14 administrative districts with Karshi as its administrative Center. The town of Karshi has a population of 177 000. Other important towns are Shakhrisabz, Kitab, Kasan, Mubarekh, Yakkabad, Gusar and Kamashi.

There are 14 joint ventures with foreign investment functioning in the Province.

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