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Republic of Karakalpakstan

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On the border of the Province of Khorezm, (Urgench), The Republic of Karakalpakstan is situated in the western part of Uzbekistan. It takes up the north-western part of the Kizil-Kum Desert and the Amudarya River delta. The Republics total area covers 165,600 square kilometers. The climate is typically continental, with very hot summers and cold winters without snow.

The population of Karakalpakstan is 1,4 million, mainly Uzbek (32,8%) and Karakalpak (32,1%). About 48% of the population live in rural areas while the other 52% live in towns.The Republic is diveded into 15 admin-istrative districts, 12 towns and 16 villages.

The Republics administrative center is Nukus which has a population of 236,700. Other significant towns are Khodjeily, Kungrad and Chimbad.

Much ancient history was played out in this arid area. Qala, (Castles), and mausoleums are common.

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