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Province of Tashkent

Along the northern border, the Province of Tashkent is situated in the north-eastern part of Uzbekistan between the western slopes of the Tien-Shan mountain range and the Syrdarya River. Its total area equals 15,300 square kilometers. The climate is typically cont- inental, with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers.

The population of the province is 4,450,000 and the average density is 147 people per square kilometer. The province is divided into 15 administrative districts.

The administrative center is the city of Tashkent, which has a population of more than 2 million. There are 16 towns in the Province, the largest towns are Angren, Almalik, Ahangaran, Bekabad, Chirchik, Yangiabad and Yangiyul, where most productive activities are concentrated. There are also 17 towns and smaller villages.

The ground is rich with cooper, brown coal, molybdenum, zinc, gold, silver, rare metals and more.

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