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Pembrokeshire is a county occupying the westernmost part of south Wales, bounded on the northeast by Cardiganshire, on the east by Carmarthenshire, and surrounded by the sea on three sides. Its area is 617 square miles.

The coast is rugged and indented by deep bays and fjord-like inlets, chief of which are Milford Haven, and St Bride's, Newport, and Fishguard bays. The county is hilly, highest in in the northern part where Perscelley Hills reach heights of 2000 feet, but is intersected by many fertile agricultural valleys.

The ancient cathedral at St David's, on the west coast, is the most notable of Pembroke's antiquities. At Pembroke MB, the capital, is the a splendid old castle. Fishguard in the north has trade across St George's Channel with Ireland. Other small ports are Milford and Newport. A large number of Flemings settled in the county during the 12th century.