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Gent Altarpiece

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The Gent Altarpiece, one of the most important works in the history of painting, is on display in a chapel at St. Bavos Cathedral. There are uncertainties as to the Gent Altarpieces authorship -- did Flemish master Jan Van Eyck execute it on his own, or did an otherwise unknown Van Eyck brother named Hubert participate, as indicated by a credit inscribed into the frame? Regardless, the stunning realism and the extraordinary detail in the work, qualities for which Jan Van Eyck is renowned, are not in question.The Altarpiece is a polyptych, a multi-panel work with 20 scenes, and with two hinged wings which are intended to remain closed for most days, opening only to reveal the interior panels on special occasions. The outer panels are portraits of several saints. The inner panels center around the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb of God, which is the works alternative title. It was completed in 1432.

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