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Porcupine and Bucking Mule Falls

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These two astonishing waterfalls are within the Bighorn National Forest. Porcupine lies four miles east of Forest Road 11 and 14. The exciting hike down to the bottom of the 200 ft Porcupine Falls descends into a large pool. There at the head of Devil Canyon Overlook, the Porcupine Creek falls nearly 200 ft. A mile long trail leads to the base of the falls. Around the 1900s, this area was popular for gold-mining.

The Bucking Mules Falls is reached by the Bucking Mule Falls National Recreation Area. To view the falls here you must take a three mile hike. Here, the Bucking Mule Creek drops 500 ft to meet Porcupine Creek.

Visitors often enjoy to photograph the panoramic mountain views and the scenic canyonland. The trailhead includes restrooms, water, trailer and vehicle parking, and a horse-tying rack.