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Off-Road Vehicles (OHV)

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Off-Road Vehicles, (OHV) or ATV, are two or more wheeled motorcycles designed to carry one or more riders. They are rooted in the popular "Dune Buggy" or motor-cycle design traditions. These open and bodiless vehicles are usually light, powerful and fast. OHVs use specialized tires to grip the sand with scoop shaped knobs. This feature renders them unusable on hard surfaces. Special tires for mud are also available. These machines also tend to be quite noisy, but are limited to 99 decibels.

From utilitarian to whimsical, OHVs are versatile machines used by farmers, ranchers and police. OHVs are also used for recreational purposes by hunters, fisherman, campers and sand dune riders. Some OHV models are even designed for children. Some of the four-wheeled models resemble Go-Carts of various sizes.

Many OHV enthusiasts use specially designed camping trailers that accommodate several of the vehicles within the trailer. The camp-trailer design usually has a rear door that is actually the rear wall of the trailer. The wall is hinged at the bottom to form a loading ramp for the OHV's. This is a very popular style on the Oregon Coast.

The "Off Highway Vehicle Guide to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and Sand Lake" is your key to exploring the Oregon dunes.

Off-road vehicle permits can be obtained at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area office.

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