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Delaware is the second smallest US state, but like the smallest, Rhode Island, it has extensive coastlines. Long and narrow, Delaware is 35 miles across at its widest point, so the waterfront is never far away. In the southern half of the state, there are numerous beaches, including the popular resort town of Rehoboth Beach.

In the north lie Delaware's urban centers, including the capital of Dover and the most populous city, Wilmington. Dover's attractions include "The Green" (a historic town square), the Air Mobility Command Museum and the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village. Wilmington's cultural resources include the exquisite Winterthur Museum, Gardens and Library. Wilmington is also notable as the home of the DuPont Corporation -- the city bills itself as the "Chemical Capital of the World".

In both the south and the north of Delaware, you'll find fantastic seafood, fascinating historic sites and architectural curiosities, plus waterfalls, canals, and rivers flowing into the ocean. You'll also find another of Delaware's chief selling points for tourists: tax-free shopping.